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Celebrating Easter with a Preschool Child

Posted on 03-28-2017

Easter is right around the corner, and supermarkets are being stocked with egg-shaped chocolates and stuffed bunnies left and right. Whether your family celebrates Easter or you’re simply looking for some springtime fun, we have a handful of activities for your preschooler to enjoy as Easter weekend approaches in mid-April. Check them out!

Classic Easter Egg Hunt

Purchase a large quantity of plastic Easter eggs from your local grocery store and fill them with random treats like tiny chocolate eggs or Easter themed stickers. Next, hide the eggs throughout your front yard or back yard or the inside of your house, and send your preschooler on an Easter egg scavenger hunt!

Egg-And-Spoon Race

This is a great game to play with friends! Have the kids line up side to side, each holding an egg and a teaspoon. Once each child has placed the egg on their spoon, the race can begin! Walking as fast as they can without dropping their egg, the kiddos should make their way to the designated finish line. Whoever finishes first without dropping their egg is the ultimate winner.

Have an Easter cookie decorating party.

Purchase bunny or oval-shaped cookie cutters, sugar cookie dough, pastel blue or pink icing and sprinkles at your local grocery store. Together, you and your little ones can create tasty Easter treats shaped like eggs or little bunnies.

Go to the zoo!

If you have a handful of animal lovers living under your roof, consider searching the web for a local petting zoo so your kiddos can interact up close and in person with bunnies and chicks.

Enjoy the warm spring weather and have a very hoppy Easter! 

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