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How do young children learn to communicate?

Posted on 01-27-2015


The learning of a primary language is an essential component to the future success of all children. Early childhood is when the majority of language development occurs and is solidified. This blog will offer a quick summary of communication and brain development for young children and what to expect as a parent.

What are the early influencers of learning a language?

Researchers have tackled this question often. Most offer the same conclusion, that children learn a language from their two-way interactions with parents or other teachers. When your child tries to communicate with you, whether using a word, a motion, or a sound, the response by the adult will serve as helpful feedback to the child when he or she is learning a native language.

Respond to your child’s attempts at communication

Parents should always respond to a child’s attempts to communicate, no matter how basic. Failing to acknowledge a child’s actions can lead to frustration and a lack of self-confidence. Give a child your attention when he or she is trying to learn a language.

Identify potential communication development issues early

If there are verbal deficits and your child is struggling to express his or her thoughts or feelings, identifying these delays early and accessing professional assistance quickly can lead to significant improvements before a child becomes frustrated and self-conscious about communication deficits or developmental delays.

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