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Happy Valentine's Day!!  Classes will have a Valentine's Day party on Friday, February 14th.  A sign up is available, if you would like to bring in some goodies!  Please remember to check ingredients for peanuts of any kind.

Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser is due by Wednesday, February 19th.

We are getting ready for registering for Georgia Pre-K.  The date for registration will be Monday, March 3, 2014.  It will be a first come, first serve system.

Documents needed are Birth Certificate, Child's social security card, Immmunization 3231, Dental, Hearing, Vision form 3300, Proof of Residency (Electric Bill)

Private Pre-K field trip to GLOW GALAXY from 10-12 on Wednesday, February 19th.

Happy Birthday this month to:

Alex, Elin, Moses, Brooke, Bernard, Isla, Brennon, Jordan, Ava, Amari, Sophia, Lee, Ronald, Ritika!!


CONGRATULATIONS to Shaquila Bell for winning the "Guess the Heart Game"  She won a $25 Target Gift Card and the jar of hearts!!

Birthday Wishes for our staff: Ms. Carla and Ms. Lynn


We are working on SUMMER CAMP and would love some ideas from our children and parents!  Our camp theme is CAMP NATURE KIDS. 

Look for details in March 2014.



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