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Norcross Child Care: Ease your child to sleep with these tips

Posted on 11-10-2014


One of the biggest challenges facing new parents is trying to get an infant to fall asleep at night. Another challenge is trying to get an infant to stay asleep for as long as possible. This can make the first few years of parenthood a bit stressful. Here are some tips for easing your child to sleep:

Do not force sleep

You cannot actually force an infant to fall asleep, so do not try. The best thing you can do is to create a safe, quiet environment where your infant will feel comfortable falling asleep. Your child needs to be in a safe state to enter into sleep and a calm, uncluttered room can help.

Spend time with your baby during the day

Many infant care experts say that infants who have spent the day in a peaceful, mellow environment are more likely to sleep better in the evening. By cradling and holding your child throughout the day, you will help to project calm and your baby will respond. This state of calm can be carried through into the evening, ensuring that your child will be more relaxed at bedtime.

Be consistent

You need to remain as consistent as possible when it comes to sleep routines. This includes evening bedtimes as well as the times of the day when your child naps. Studies have shown that babies who enjoy consistent sleep and nap routines fall asleep more quickly.

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