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Norcross child care insights: Understanding the brain development timeline

Posted on 10-13-2014


While every child’s brain develops at a different pace, developmental timelines can help track your child’s growth during the critical first five years of life.

Prenatal brain development

Two days after conception your child’s brain starts growing rapidly, expanding at around 250,000 cells per minute. The central nervous system will grow and become active, and the brain will separate into two hemispheres.

Birth to twelve months

At birth, your child has around 100 billion brain cells, about the same as an adult brain. They will be inactive, but through targeted stimulation, connections essential to future learning will be created.

Twelve months to two years

Toddlers require vast amounts of necessary stimulation to encourage brain development. A toddler’s brain operating at it’s peak can create over 2 million synapses a second. Pruning, the process that removes unstimulated cells and synapses, also begins. Your child will begin to produce myelin, the fatty tissue that allows for more rapid processing of information.

Three to five years

By age three, your child will have around 1,000 trillion synapses and the brain will have reached 90% of its adult size. Your child will start to learn rapidly through play, allowing a child to experience events that are beyond the child’s abilities. New, fun experiences are the key to brain development. These create a great opportunity to slowly introduce your child to academic subjects.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Medlock Bridge in Norcross, GA we offer the unique Brain Waves™ Curriculum – a program designed to offer your child maximum support from six weeks to five years old. Providing fun activities that target different areas of the brain, we help your child to build the strongest foundation for future learning. For more information on this curriculum or on our state-of-the-art facility, please contact us today.

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